Sometimes I Just Have to Laugh

Moving Forward Series


Meena Dhanjal Outlaw

It’s Monday morning, the kids are at school, and I just finished my chores.  I have a Mom’s brunch tomorrow at a neighbor’s house, and I am determined to make my own portable wooden ramp that I can easily lay before any front door porch.  I already have the long metal one that is ADA regulated, but it weighs over fifty pounds and is just too long.  So much so, that the ramp extends over her front lawn.  Since I am in a power chair this just adds to my list of obstacles.

Wheeling into my local hardware store I head straight to the lumber department. As always, I end up getting many stares from the department employees.  Nevertheless, I have already selected my materials.

After the hardware store, I decide to get a pedicure and manicure.  I am pleased because so far my day is going very well.

While sitting in the massage chair and enjoying the pampering on my feet and hands, I think about what I need to tackle first when I get home.

Leaving the nail salon almost two hours later, I quickly head to the grocery store and pick up items for dinner.  I know exactly what I’m going to prepare and am excited to try this recipe for the first time.  Just like everything in my life, I think proactively. So, not only do I know what to buy, I have already figured out how I am going to assemble enchiladas stuffed with spinach, and pop it in the oven in time for dinner without burning myself.  I am certainly much better at it after all these years of practice but it doesn’t mean I haven’t burnt myself a few times, too.

Heading in the house, I decide to use the restroom before I head to my office and take care of some business calls.  When I begin to recline my wheelchair so that I can catherize, something catches the corner of my eye.  Sitting upright I begin to inspect. I can feel my blood pressure rise. My bra! It’s my bra!

I so mortified. I think back to all the places I had happily wheeled through.  I am suddenly so relieved no one pointed it out to me.  I text a friend to tell her and then I burst out laughing.

I actually cannot believe that those nice men in the hardware store didn’t say anything, but what were they thinking? Oh I am so glad I don’t know!  Even those lovely Vietnamese ladies at the nail salon that know me well didn’t say anything.  Furthermore, I am grateful that the employees I know so well at the grocery store I always go to didn’t say anything.  My heart is beating hard.

This is no different that someone getting toilet paper on his or her shoe and not realizing they are walking around like that all day, and it makes me happy.  Yes, happy!  Happy because it reminds me that even in my crazy world of challenges I too can have out of control moments. These very moments remind me that I too can have embarrassing moments! I also thank God it was one of my nicer bras.

I relish in the feeling that it is nice to be normal.

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