Become a member of our Customer TOTAL CARE Program


Let Us Make This Process Simple

Automatically become a member of our Customer TOTAL CARE Program. Upon referral, one of our TOTAL CARE experts will contact you to determine what supplies are needed on a monthly basis to ensure your needs are addressed. This discussion may include:

  • INSURANCE: J&R Medical will work with all health insurance plans, including private, Medicare, Medicaid, Workman’s Comp, DARS, etc. We will take the lead to assist you with establishing and continuing your benefits in the most hassle-free way possible.
  • YOUR PHYSICIAN: We will communicate with your doctor to ensure that all necessary prescriptions are complete and filed in a timely manner.
  • SUPPLIES: We will work with you, your doctor, and highly rated manufacturers to provide you with SAMPLE products so that you receive the product that works best for you. We deliver to your door nationwide.
  • FOLLOW UP: We will make regular follow ups, as needed, with you, your physician, and your insurance provider to ensure that you always have the right supplies when and where you need them.

Let Us Be An Education Resource

One of our objectives at J&R Medical is to assist with the continued education of all our TOTAL CARE Program members. We feel that it is our responsibility to assist clients with the resources to allow for healthier lives.

Key Components Include:

Prior to every order our CUSTOMER CARE expert will call the client or caregiver to check in and determine the re-supply order. Discussions include:

  • Overall health
  • Any issues with past order
  • Satisfaction with current product
  • Proper quantity of supplies
  • Satisfaction with customer service
  • Determine if any issue with bladder, UTIs, GIs, or other concerns
  • If issues are present, an expert will notify the physician to advise
  • Supply the client with educational videos and literature as appropriate
  • Keep the client informed with new techniques and/or products

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