Manifesting Positive People

Moving Forward Series


Meena Dhanjal Outlaw

I can’t tell you how times I’ve heard other people from therapists, doctors, priests and even family or friends that have told me I should remain positive.

I have always been eager for answers since I became disabled. I found that I was reading countless self-help books, spiritual literature and watched many shows to understand my life.  I wanted answers. I wanted to know how this could have happened.  Even more so, I wanted to know how to live my life free of turmoil, bitterness and anger.  This was because the very first experience I had encountered after the paralysis besides the medical care was rejection from people I have known for years.

It hurt me, but I also appreciated they were honest with themselves, and discontinued our relationship.  That way our relationship would not continue on a lie.

Over time, I had learned that forgiveness was a huge step to healing my inner grief.  I also learned that surrounding myself with positive people would allow the right type of energy to come into my life.  I just had to learn how to bring this to me.  As I read more I learned to draw on the positive energy the words in these books were giving me.  Then, I found like-minded people were coming into my life.  Through further knowledge, I understood that if my current state of mind were to feel down about myself, I would meet people of the same.  As I continued to build my knowledge of attracting positive outcomes, the more I learned about the human spirit and what drives it. I could ultimately manifest the right kind of friends for me.

It took a while.  I was choosey. I was also a mother of two young children. So, I needed to be careful for another reason.

I learned how my bad choices wouldn’t just affect me, but my children too. Eventually, I began to realize that being comfortable with myself gave me peace I really needed.  I didn’t need to live with false expectations of others any longer.  It was my responsibility to make me happy.

After practicing living this positive way of life, I became so comfortable with my own company.  So much so that I didn’t feel that I neededto date someone.

In this new space, I found myself actually think about what I would want in a man if I were to marry again.  I even wrote the points down. I wrote twenty things I wanted and twenty things I didn’t want in a partner. I didn’t meet anyone immediately.  Instead, I understood who my true self was.  Now, I could be true to myself.  I didn’t need to settle for anything less than I deserved.  In return, I made friends that were kind and compassionate, just like me.  Then eventually, I met a man of the same qualities.

I’m far from perfect though and I have made mistakes.  Yet, I go easy on myself when thinking about those mistakes.  It’s through the mistakes and heartache that did lead me to find the light. When I found it, it was bigger and better than I could have imagined.  Sometimes, I felt as though God had handpicked this new journey in my life, because I needed to understand my role in this universe on a spiritual level.

Now, I’m no longer afraid of the unknown.  I’m certainly not affected by rejection anymore, and being an independent disabled woman I do encounter is often.  People will let me know by their body language how they really feel about me.  I don’t want to be around someone that feels sorry for me. There is nothing to be sorry about. Maybe be sorry that the accident happened, but not sorry because I’m disabled.

I like living by my own rule when it comes to defining me.  I don’t feel the need to do something because I have something to prove.

I have found that the ‘whys’ are not to be feared, but to be embraced. In fact, if you dare, turn every stone until you find that precious gem. Next thing you’ll know, you are staring at a gem and realizing it is you.

As you nurture yourself and care for you the way you deserve, an abundance of the right kind of people will flow in your life.  In practicing this simple concept you are manifesting positive people.  So, never be afraid to ask why and learn all you can from this lesson in your life. After all, knowledge is power.

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