Firsthand knowledge of challenges encountered by persons with a disability


James’ Story

James is a C6/7 tetraplegic secondary by a car accident in April 1992. His wife, Jessica is a Certified Recreational Therapist. They have firsthand knowledge of the challenges that are encountered by persons with a disability.

As a customer purchasing supplies, they felt they could improve upon the level of service being offered.  It became their mission to establish a supply company that would combine high quality products, an experienced staff and a level of Customer Service that is considered the best in the business.  We think you will agree!

More than 10 years after founding J&R Medical, we are proud to be part of the community and do what we can to give back to the people who make this company great. When James is not volunteering at events assisting newly injured individuals with their transition back to society, he can be found at the office, with his family or enjoying two of his favorite hobbies, Hand Cycling and Quad Rugby.