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Closed system catheters combine the latest advancements with trusted features to help reduce urinary tract infections while allowing the flexibility and control that you need to manage your continence with confidence.


We offer a complete line of enteral feeding products and supplies. Nutritional supplies for both adults and children as well as all required kits, tubes and feeding pumps can delivered to your door.


At J&R Medical all of our youth and adult diapers, protective undergarments, incontinence pads and absorbent underwear protect and fit better than most.










At J&R Medical we offer a large selection of medical products (urological, enteral, incontinence, ostomy) for clients and hospitals alike all over the nation! We’re here for you, when you need it, with our entire line of medical products delivered right to your door.

We offer several options for different styles, brands, and price ranges to meet your needs. Contact us today to discuss just what medical products might be right for you!

When it rains it pours

When it Rains it Pours Moving Forward Series by Meena Dhanjal Outlaw It’s been two days now since we had to evacuate our home.  Hurricane Harvey has affected Fort Bend to where we are now known as the 800-year flood. Midnight was when we decided we had to leave.   Our...
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When is my turn

When is my turn? Moving Forward Series by Meena Dhanjal Outlaw This morning, I went to the grocery store I frequently shop at. The store was quiet and this is one of the reasons I like coming early.  I don't have to deal with crowds when I need to grab a few items. ...
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A Cultural Difference

A Cultural Difference Moving Forward Series by Meena Dhanjal Outlaw One of the things that bother me most is when someone is bold enough to say something to me that is directly related to my disability or my life. Even more so, I can’t help but get territorial when...
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Don’t Look Back

Don’t Look Back Moving Forward Series by Meena Dhanjal Outlaw This week I went to my youngest child’s graduation.  He will no longer be a kindergartener. As he embarks on his journey as a first grader I can only wish for what I have always wished for with all my...
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There’s Something Different about Me

There’s Something Different about Me Moving Forward Series by Meena Dhanjal Outlaw I turned forty-eight years old this year.  To many people that might not be a big deal.  However, in the weeks leading up to my birthday I began to think about what I wanted my next...
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Sometimes I Just Have to Laugh

Moving Forward Series By Meena Dhanjal Outlaw It’s Monday morning, the kids are at school, and I just finished my chores.  I have a Mom’s brunch tomorrow at a neighbor’s house, and I am determined to make my own portable wooden ramp that I can easily lay before any...
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I’m Really No Different

Moving Forward Series By Meena Dhanjal It’s 6:00 a.m. and I am waking up my five-year-old son so that I can get him ready for school.  Today is a little different.  Today he takes the school bus!  He is my youngest child, the last of my babies.  As I get him ready, I...
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When should we speak up for ourselves?

Moving Forward Series By Meena Dhanjal Outlaw I was speaking to a fellow peer the other day that had told me of a time she had been in a hospital for six days.  During this time, due to the lack of knowledge from medical staff that was caring for her, she was not even...
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Acceptance Moving Forward Series By Meena Dhanjal Outlaw I looked up the definition of acceptance today.  The dictionary says it is the action or process of being received as adequate or suitable, typically to be admitted into a group. This word can also be applied to...
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Dealing with the Unexpected

Enabling Series. Part VI By Meena Dhanjal Outlaw One of the reasons I have emphasized the importance of being self-sufficient and free of any enabling is because in my experience of living with a spinal cord injury I have realized there are always going to be these...
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Communicating with Children

Enabling Series. Part III By Meena Dhanjal outlaw I am at Walgreens. I am looking at a product in an aisle when I hear a commotion. I wheel out of the aisle to the noise. There's an older woman that appears to be in her late sixties to early seventies holding her...
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Steps to Becoming Independent

Enabling Series. Part IV By: Meena Dhanjal outlaw There is nothing more devastating to a fully able individual than to lose their independence. Having a spinal cord injury is a disability where paralysis can occur in some parts if not all parts of the body. The higher...
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Welcome to J&R Medical, how can we assist you today? Our doors opened May 5, 2006 under the ownership of James & Jessica DuBose. What started out as a small home based business has grown into a nationwide supply company that offers a full range of Urological, Incontinence and Enteral Feeding supplies. Superior products combined with a knowledgeable staff provide the framework for a customer satisfaction experience that is second to none! READ MORE

A Little History

J&R Medical’s vision is to be an all inclusive medical supply company that address and meets the needs of the community while offering education and outreach to individuals living with a disability.

We treat our customers like family. J&R Medical has been a leading source of medical supplies for years because of our superior commitment to provide you with the absolute best in product quality and customer service. Our highly trained staff will help you make the best choices for your needs, while providing you with friendly service and expert advice.  Every effort is made to ensure that your experience is as pleasant and efficient as possible. Our business is your good health!

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